Monday, April 22, 2013

Kade's Lullaby

A dear friend gave me a wonderful lullaby CD before I had my oldest child, Kade. I listened to it a lot while I would rock my sweet little newborn Kade to sleep throughout the day and night. I listened to it so much that this tune and these words to this little lullaby came to me for my baby Kade. I finally added accompaniment for it so I can share this song with others.
Since I don't have a beautiful voice singing the words on the recording I'll leave the words here:

Hush, sweet Kade, hush.
Calm your troubled mind.
Hush, sweet Kade, hush for me,
and gently close your eyes.

Then dream of things,happy things.
The things you'll do, the things you'll see.

Hush, sweet Kade, hush for me,
my child, my love, hush.

Sleep, my Baby, sleep.
Sleep here in my arms.
Sleep, my baby, sleep for me,
and dream about the stars.

Just dream of things, happy things.
The things you'll do, the things you'll be.

Sleep, my baby, sleep for me,
my child, my love, sleep.

My child, my love, sleep.

.pdf file, audio file

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